Liberty started deejaying at the end of the eighties and has been producing since 1995. He's been booked all over Belgium as well as in foreign countries, especially in Spain due to his hit "Seguro" which stormed the charts in 2000. The highest position was #8 in the Spanishnational singles charts. In Belgium it held #1 in the official Dance Charts, the same as Why, Liberty's first release.  He also played many times in Holland, France, Portugal, and Turkye.

His best known releases are remakes of the retro genre, a derivant of jumpstyle (Your Love, Explode, I Just Died) and offcourse his oldskool hits Why, Moonshine and Seguro. 

The combination of his good name in the genre and the fact his releases where included in compilations such as Reverze, The Oh and Furious Bass, brought him the opportunity to become a guest in many clubs such as Cap'Tain, Illusion, DeLite, Reflex, Barroco, Riva, Real and many more. 

Next to dozens of bookings in Madrid, Barcelona, Logroño en Toledo in Spain, he was invited to spin several times at parties or in clubs in Turkye, France, Portugal, Holland and Germany


In Belgium he played this style on a lot of big gigs and festivals like Tomorrowland, Hyp-o-Dream, Summer Festival, Beachland, Real Retro House, Bonzai Retro, Bonzai Retro vs Legacyville, Sunrise, Sunset, Those Days, Replay, City Parade, Legacy, Dance D-Vision, Luna Festa, Kick Da Bass, Clubber Fever, Retro Exclusive and The Hills Indoor.


Liberty was responsable for releasing several hit compilations such as International Tuning Sounds.  But his best selling CD series is without any doubt Real Retro House.   The Real Retro House brand has been invented by Liberty in 1997 and has been a household name eversince. As the founder of the series it is normal that Liberty is a resident DJ on the partyconcept of this series.

Though the Real Retro House Parties cover a very wide genre in retrostyle, Liberty usually brings the more banging tunes in his sets...  Some of his releases have been labelled retro for quite a while now : Why, Seguro (still one of the biggest retro bombs in Spain), Moonshine, (When My) Luv Cums,...

Real Retro House comes to you as a party, but also hosted stages on such festivals like Summer Festival, United Festival, Beachland, Sunrise, Sunset, AGC Festival and Luna Festa...

*** Ain't No Party Like A Partystyle Party ***